TCT donates one million yuan to Zhengzhou Metro and offers full support on emergency rescue and disaster relief
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Recently, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, many parts of Henan Province have suffered from severe floods and serious water logging. The life and property of the local has been seriously threatened, which became the concern of the Chinese. Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. (“TCT”) has insisted on fulfilling its social responsibilities and given full support on emergency rescue and disaster relief. It donated one million yuan to Zhengzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd. for supporting emergency rescue and disaster relief, protecting the safety of the people affected and tiding over difficulties together with Henan people.

Prior to this donation, TCT has donated four rubber boats to the Huiji District People’s Government of Zhengzhou for rescue and disaster relief.

Also, as the technical service provider for the signal system of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3, TCT has taken active actions and devoted itself to the rescue and relief work as soon as possible. From July 22 to 23, under the unified deployment of the owner, the project department in Zhengzhou conducted an initial inspection of the equipment in each centralized station computer room, counted the damage to the equipment, and coordinated labor and material resources in time to make preparations for equipment replacement. In order to resume the operation of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 as soon as possible, the company deployed private vehicles to urgently deliver the first batch of switch machines, axle counters, transponders and LTEs from Tianjin, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuhan and other places to Zhengzhou on July 26, thus ensuring that damaged equipment was replaced in time.

Currently, members of the Zhengzhou project department are trying their best to carry out repairs along with the owner. The replacement of damaged equipment in some stations has been finished, which support the restoration of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 as soon as possible.

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