National Platform

National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit Train Communication and Operation Control

National Engineering Laboratory was led by Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd and jointly constructed in the “collaborative innovation mode of "government, industry, university, research and application" by Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Municipal Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd. and Beijing Subway Rolling Stock Equipment Co., Ltd. In order to solve the problems of CBTC system of urban rail transit in China such as low continuous improvement capacity in reliability, availability, maintainability and low degree of intelligence, four construction units gave full play to their advantages under the guidance of the national government and Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform as well as the support of China Association of Metros and other units. building the National Engineering Laboratory into an advanced technical research, development and innovation platform, upstream/downstream innovative subject test and verification service platform, scientific and technological achievements transformation and demonstration platform and talent innovation and cultivation platform in the field of rail transit train control and has made a series of achievements.

International Joint Research Center for Rail Transit Control and Safety

“International Joint Research Center of Rail Transit Control and Safety” was established by Beijing Jiaotong University, CRRC Academy, Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd.; and University of Birmingham, Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Technical University of Madrid and IMA. The research field involves the four national-level major disciplines: “traffic and transportation planning and management”, “traffic information engineering and control”, “communication and information system” and “vehicle application project” as well as the “system science” which ranked first in the country.

Public Service Platform of Urban Rail Transit Train Communication and Operation Control
It aims to build a public service platform that serves for the key technology, product engineering, simulation test, installation and commissioning of urban rail transit train communication and operation control system. Mainly including: the integrated monitoring system integrating multiple systems deeply with the operation command as the core, vehicle automatic control system, communication integrated carrying system and big data operation & maintenance dispatching system.
National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises

“National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises” aim to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy and strengthen the dominant position of enterprise through technological innovation. TCT always adheres to the principle of independent innovation, keeps up with the international development trends, takes CBTC with independent intellectual property as the core, provides urban rail transit with self-developed solutions such as the communication-based train control system (CBTC), full-automatic operation system (FAO), interconnectivity system (I-CBTC), urban rail cloud system and TIDS system, promotes Chinese urban rail transit signal system to realize automation technology and realizes the transformation from following, running to leading. The approval of “National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises” represents a highly recognition to TCT’s performances and capacity that takes “Innovation” as the gene, “creating independently-innovative brands” as the mission and supplying safe, reliable and intelligent products.

National Graduate Base
The base insists on the engineering master cultivation idea of “facing international market, rooted in the industry, returning the engineering and carrying forward the features”, takes cultivation of “applied” and “innovative” high-level engineering talents as the objective and focuses on scientific development road of “industry-university-institute cooperation”. Furthermore, TCT grasps the opportunity of rail transit development, insists on independent innovation under the strategic background of "The Belt and Road", establishes high-level research, design and service teams, overcomes the core and key technologies of rail transit signal and communication system, forms a sustainable industry-university-research innovation subject representing the national level and creates a scientific and technological innovation and talent training base for rail transit.