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Fault Analysis & Troubleshooting
TCT has developed fault analysis software for the signal system and has many experienced after-sales technical supporting engineers for providing fault analysis and troubleshooting service and assisting users in analyzing the signal system and other interface systems (such as vehicles and safety doors) according to the user’s requirements.
Product Maintenance
We will assist users with periodic maintenance of equipment after operation, such as daily inspection, quarterly inspection and routine inspection during important festivals, and provide suggestions for the maintenance plan of line equipment.
Inquiry & User Training
Please contact us in case of any problems encountered during equipment application and maintenance. We will give a quick and satisfactory response. In addition, we will organize specific training based on the user’s demand to improve their equipment application and maintenance skills quickly.
After Sales & Spare Parts
The production lines and maintenance platform in TCT’s equipment base can ensure the supply of spare parts in the full life cycle, greatly reducing the user’s purchasing and repair cost in both cycle and price.
Clients Feedback
Welcome to Contact with Us
Clients Feedback