Project Management

Project Management Process

TCT project management team uses advanced information management platform to control all aspects of projects to achieve real-time, scientific and efficient management.
Company project management covers all aspects of a project such as the comprehensiveness , scope, time, quality, manpower, cost, communication, risks, purchasing and stakeholders, and lays a solid foundation for smooth implementation of the project. Track and solve problems occurred during the implementation of one or more projects through the multi-project management platform. Through uniform management of five processes such as project start, planning, execution, monitoring and closure, it can effectively divide the system from the perspective of multi-project management, and establish a rich and comprehensive project process asset library to accumulate experience and lessons for the implementation of each project, and for mutual reference. The multi-dimensional and all-round data reports make the information display more intuitive and visible.

Project Management Platform
TCT is committed to the provision of rail transit control system products and services, and has undertaken many rail transit control system construction projects in many domestic and foreign regions for different standards and TCT has complete R&D and system integration delivery capabilities. TCT has always been adhering to the “delicacy” management concept, and the headquarters is responsible for formulating project management strategic planning and coordinating with the subordinate units and subsidiaries for project implementation. TCT adopts a three-level management model of project portfolio, project group and single project, introduces new project management methodology “PRINCE2” (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2 version) to the existing PMBOK project management knowledge system, digest, absorb and integrate them organically and form a characteristic “four-axes methodology” of process, standard, method and personnel. The “four-axes” methodology focuses on customer demand, realizes whole delivery process and all-staff delicacy management through phased authorization, exception management, milestone quality review and planning management mechanism based on product and work breakdown technology. The “four-axes” methodology also realizes standard process, responsibility assignment, clear standard and diversified tools and platforms, and it ensures the project delivery level and capacity through a series of measures such as responsibility concretization, delivery achievement staging, delivery quality clarification, delivery process transparency, and with safe and reliable products and professional and high-efficiency on site organization and management.