Good News! "Interruption-free Upgrading" won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award
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On September 25, 2021, the 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award was announced at the plenary session of Zhongguancun Forum. 14 scientists and 150 achievements were awarded. Among them, the "Research and Application of Complete Sets of Equipment for Rail Transit Interruption-free Upgrading Based on Different Signal Systems" (hereinafter referred to as "Interruption-free Upgrading") jointly tackled by TCT, Beijing subway Limited., and Beijing Jiaotong University won the 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Award - Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize.

Beijing Science and Technology Award is established by Beijing Municipal People's Government to reward outstanding personages and organizations in science and technology field. The 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Award consists of Zhongguancun Award for Outstanding Contribution, Zhongguancun Award for Outstanding Youth, Zhongguancun Award for International Cooperation, Natural Science Award, Technological Invention Award and Scientific and Technology Progress Award. Among them, the Science and Technology Progress Award focuses on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, as the foundation for development of high-tech industries in Beijing.

The Interruption-free Upgrading was selected as the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award by virtue of its independent innovation of technology and its great significance to the upgrading of actual rail transit lines. The Interruption-free Upgrading technology adopts CBTC signaling system on-board equipment to replace the existing original signaling system on-board equipment with high failure rate, and is compatible with ground equipment of the original signaling system. The technical solution first reduces the operation failure rate of the line to be reconstructed rapidly, and then carries out all-round upgrade of CBTC system to ensure that the system is upgraded smoothly without interruption and interference to operation of existing lines. In the stage of on-board equipment upgrading, the ground and trackside equipment remain basically unchanged, and the on-board signal cabinet after improvement can be fully compatible with the existing equipment. In addition, the ground system can be upgraded to CBTC system in stages without secondary modification to the vehicle, which effectively reduces the impact of upgrading, shortens the upgrading cycle and saves resources.

The Interruption-free Upgrading technology has been successfully applied in the signaling system upgrading project of Beijing Subway Line 5 last year. Without affecting the daily operation, the construction period has been greatly shortened, and the failure rate of signaling system of Line 5 has been greatly reduced after the upgrading. Prior to this award, the Interruption-free Upgrading technology has won the "Urban rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize" of China Association of Metros.

In the coming decade, nearly 85 rail transit lines, with a total length of about 2,500 kilometers, will enter the signaling system upgrading cycle. Facing the urgent need for upgrading and reconstruction of existing lines in the future, the Interruption-free Upgrading technology will help upgrading of China urban rail transit to achieve "more, faster, better and more economical", and to provide passengers with more efficient, safe and intelligent urban rail transit travel experience.

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