Focus on the main business to lead innovation! Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing, researched the innovation of Beijing rail transit
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On September 6, 2021, Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, visited Fengtai District to research the transformation and development of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. ("BII"). He stressed that we should strengthen overall planning around the urban rail transit development goals and tasks, and focus on the main responsibility and main business based on the function positioning, so as to further deepen the reform; we should strengthen openness and cooperation, as well as coordination of upstream and downstream firms, to enhance the leading role in innovation; we will improve investment and financing models, and pay close attention to performance evaluation, so as to effectively reduce overall operating costs, and improve the quality and efficiency of rail transit development.

Beijing Collaborative Innovation Rail Transit Research Institute Co., Ltd, is established by BII, Metro Operation Company, Beijing Jiaotong University and other units, aiming to build a collaborative innovation platform for Beijing rail transit and accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements. Chen Jining inspected the innovation achievements of the institute and walked into the intelligent station hall and carriages to experience scenes such as smart service, new-generation intelligent train operation system and safe train, and pointed out that, we should make good use of Beijing's scientific and technological advantages, give full play to its pilot and demonstration role, actively explore markets through investment cooperation and other forms, and enhance the role of innovative products to stimulate the development of surrounding areas, so as to increase the innovation returns of enterprises.

Mayor Chen also inspected the National Engineering Laboratory for Train Communication and Operation Control of Urban Rail Transit (hereinafter referred to as "National Engineering Laboratory") located on the second floor of TCT headquarters building. The laboratory gives full play to the advantages of Beijing's scientific and technological innovation and the role of pilot demonstration, building virtual and physical typical urban rail operation scenarios such as "station", "control center" and "training center". Relying on the life-cycle operation scenario, the National Engineering Laboratory combines emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine vision and intelligent control with rail transit, and innovatively proposes a new generation of intelligent train autonomous virtual marshaling operation system (AVCOS), at present, the construction and testing of the key technology indoor system simulation platform have been completed. This technology will fill the technical gap in relevant fields at home and abroad and effectively promote the intelligent and smart development process of modern urban rail transit in China.

Jin Wei, Beijing municipal leader, Zhang Yanyou, Chairman of BII, Yu Zujun, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, Gao Chunhai, Chairman of TCT and Director of the National Engineering Laboratory, accompanied the research.

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