TCT awarded the special prize of 2019 “Urban Rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award”
Release date: Source: Release date: March 29, 2020 Source: TCT

In the election of 2019 Urban Rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award” on March 28, 2020, the Research and Application on Rail Transit Non-Inductive Transformation Equipment based on Different Signal Systems (hereinafter referred to as “senseless transformation” jointly completed by Beijing Subway Co., Ltd., Traffic Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jiaotong University emerged from other achievements after several rounds of review by the experts of China Association of Metros, and won the special prize of 2019 “Urban Rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award”.

“Senseless transformation” refers to a train control system of one hardware and multiple software upgrading from low intergeneration to high intergeneration through longitudinal compatibility, it supports gradual, phased and uninterrupted operation and compatibility of existing system; and follows a mixed operation management mode of one line, two systems and three driving modes.

It is compatible with the original signaling system which has high failure rate with a new CBTC signal system, quickly reduces the operation failure rate of transformed lines, upgrades the CBTC system and ensures the new system stability. During transformation of on-board equipment, the ground and trackside equipment are basically unchanged, but the transformed on-board signal cabinet can be fully compatible with existing equipment and has the capability for upgrading the ground system into CBTC system by phases without the need of secondary transformation of vehicle.


So far, the “senseless transformation” technology has been successfully applied to Beijing Subway Line 5. After transformation, the accumulative operating mileage of Line 5 exceeded 4,500,000km without safety accidents, the failure rate was reduced by 96.24%, which makes the line become the benchmark of signaling system transformation in China.

Besides, the “senseless transformation” can also be applied to the transformation of “four-network fusion” such as trunk railway in city cluster, inter-city railway, municipal (suburban) railway and metro. The technology can realize vertical compatibility (i.e., the longitudinal improvement of interconnectivity system) and give strong support for the “four-network fusion” such as mainline railway in city cluster, inter-city railway, suburban railway and urban railway.

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