Gao Chunhai, the Chairman of TCT, interviewed by CCTV “Dialogue”: Science and technology innovation board promotes high-quality development of hard technology in China
Release date: Source: TCT

On December 8, 2019, Gao Chunhai, the Chairman of Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 688015, hereinafter referred to as “TCT”) was invited by CCTV “Dialogue” as the representative of the first batch of listed science and technology innovation board enterprises, talked about the opportunities and challenges of A-share for t enterprise development with the chairmen of A-share Shanghai and Shenzhen main board enterprises, small and medium board enterprises and second board enterprises, and discussed the future development  of capital and enterprises in the new economic situation.


Gao Chunhai, Chairman of TCT (first person on the left)

Gao Chunhai said that science and technology innovation board brought more development opportunities and larger space for scientific and technological innovation enterprises. 【“Science and technology innovation board brings an opportunity of capital market assignment for the scientific and technological innovation enterprises in line with the national strategy and with key technologies and high market recognition.”】 Science and technology innovation board has given scientific and technological innovation enterprises which are in line with the national strategy, possess key core technologies and have high market recognition the opportunity of capital market assignment.

Gao Chunhai thought that 【in order to realize high-quality development and have a broader development prospect, an enterprise shall have the following seven science and technology innovation attributes:】 If enterprises want to develop with high quality and have broader development prospects, they need to have the following seven major science and technology attributes: first: conform to the national strategy requirements; second, master the independent core technology; third, have self-developed and complete testing, manufacturing, training and maintenance platform; fourth, obtain the recognition of independent third party; fifth, ensure the wide application by users; sixth, with followers in direction; seventh, with continuous innovation ability.

As the leading enterprise of rail transit signal system, TCT has always insisted on the above seven standards. Continuous R&D investment and technology accumulation make the company’s product system more perfect. The basic CBTC system, I-CBTC system, FAO system and the VBTC system to be implemented meet the requirements of market diversification and future development.

This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of TCT, we will take listing as an opportunity, seize the chance that China transforms from transportation of quantity to one of quality, insist on independent innovation under the support of science and technology innovation board fund and committed to become the leader of rail transit intelligence development in China even the world.

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