Jinan Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. and TCT Signed a Strategic Contract: Join Heads to Promote the Development of Jinan and the Northern Rail Transit Industry
Release date: Source: TCT

Morning of October 29, 2021, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Jinan Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. ("Jinan Rail Transit Group") and Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. ("TCT") was held in Huaiyin District, Jinan City. Chen Sibin, Chairman of Jinan Rail Transit Group, Ding Qiang, Deputy General Manager/Chief Accountant, Wang Jian, Party Secretary of Science and Technology Bureau of Huaiyin District, and Gao Chunhai, Chairman of TCT attended the event and witnessed the signing ceremony.


Speech by Chairman Chen Sibin


While building the subways, Jinan Rail Transit Group firmly grasps major strategic development opportunities, actively plans the rail transit industry, and make efforts to foster new momentum for rail transit development, Chen Sibin, Chairman of Jinan Rail Transit Group said. Benefiting from TCT's independent core technology, Jinan metro line 2 has become the first fully automatic metro line of Jinan province, with the current operation being stable and reliable. The strategic contract signifies that the two parties have stepped into a higher stage of development. The two parties are expected to further strengthen communication and cooperation, broaden cooperation areas, and jointly promote the development of Jinan rail transit signaling system and drives the development, promotion and application of smart stations. It will speed up the localized, industrialized, and ecological development of key systems of rail transit, explore new paths for local rail transit development, demonstrate new achievements, achieve new leap forward, making new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of Jinan's economy and society.


Speech by Secretary Wang Jian


This year, Huaiyin District actively seizes the major national strategy for the Yellow Rivers and the strategic opportunity of building Jinan into a strong, modern provincial capital in the new era. It strives to take the lead in construction of a strong and modern provincial capital in the new era, and science and technology innovations in Jinan. As an emerging leader, Huaiyin District will also become a pioneer in optimizing the central city, forging ahead into the era of high-speed rail, subway, extreme river, and large city. It aims to building the gateway of Shandong, also capital of medical care, Secretary Wang Jian said while delivering a speech. Presently, at the time of the rapid development of urban rail transit, China undergoes transformation from "a country with big transportation network" to "one with strong transportation network", and new rail transit technologies have constantly emerged. We believe, the alliance between Jinan Rail Transit Group and TCT will surely bring in fruitful results, which would give a boost to the vigorous development of rail transit in Jinan and even the whole nation.


Speech by Chairman Gao Chunhai


Under the leadership of Committee of Jinan Huaiyin District and District Government, the strategic cooperation, which is reached based on the advantages of Jinan Rail Transit Group and TCT, will achieve seamless connections of the technical innovation and product implementation. This is conducive to the promotion and application of new concepts and new products in Jinan, Shandong and even the whole nation, Gao Chunhai, Chairman of TCT said. The two parties will grasp the opportunity of the strategic cooperation to strengthen in-depth cooperation in the new generation of train control technology, smart stations, smart training, etc., and jointly promotes the Jinan's rail transit industry towards high-quality development to achieve win-win results, leading China urban rail transit into the new future of "Smart Urban Rail"!

At the ceremony, Deputy General Manager Ding Qiang and Vice President of TCT/Rotating Co-CEO Wang Zhiyu signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Chairman Chen Sibin and Chairman Gao Chunhai jointly inaugurated Shandong Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd.


Deputy General Manager Ding Qiang (First from the right), Vice President Wang Zhiyu (First from the left)

Sign the agreement on behalf of both parties


Inauguration by Chairman Chen Sibin (First on the right) and Chairman Gao Chunhai (First on the left)

In the future, Jinan Rail Transit Group and TCT will still follow the development goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to assist in building Jinan into a modern "Great scale, strong strength, beautiful life, rich people and clear" international metropolis under the guidance of theOutline for Building a Powerful Transportation Country and Development Outline Smart Urban Rail of China Urban Rail Transit System. It aims to create a new technological height in the urban rail transit industry and build a talent gathering place for the rail transit industry, setting a new model of alliance in rail transit industry. They will shoulder the responsibility and mission in the era, and make contributions to building a strong nation of urban rail transit, changing from China made to China created!


Senior Vice President Wang Wei presided over the signing ceremony


Wang Wei, Senior Vice President/Rotating Co-CEO of Traffic Control Technology presided over the signing ceremony. Liu Haidong, Deputy Chief Engineer of Jinan Rail Transit Group/Secretary of the Party Committee of the Operating Company, Sun Mingjian, General Manager of Asset Management Co., Ltd., Li Gang, Minister of the Ministry of Information Technology, Ye Dongya, Deputy Director/Secondary Investigator of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Huaiyin District, and Gong Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Bureau, Zhou Xinbiao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xingfu Sub-district/Director of the CPPCC Member Liaison Office, and Mao Xinde, Chairman Assistant of TCT / General Manager of Shandong Traffic Control, and other leaders attended the ceremony.

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