New Breakthrough of AI Technology Applied in Rail Transit Field --Train Autonomous Perception Product Is Launched And Achieves Safety Certificate In China
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29th June 2021, the Technical Seminar of Orbital Margin Safety in Urban Rail Transit was held in Beijing.

In the seminar, ITE (Intelligent Train Eyes), a new product which applied AI technology to rail transit field, was awarded the safety certificate from the independent safety agency, which indicates its system solution and the ITE software has achieved the requirements of Safety Integrity Level Four (SIL 4). It is the first time in the rail industry for the perception product.


The ITE product detects physical space based on technologies of AI deep learning algorithm and multi-sensor fusion of machine vision and LIDAR. It applies to fail-safety technologies of prior knowledge based on geographical maps and data voting. The ITE is capable of detecting foreign matters into the orbital margin or status of wayside infrastructures in real-time in a reliable way and reports to signalling system for its decision of train control.. The ITE will mitigate the risks of train operation for scenarios such as foreign matters into the orbital margin, puncturing tunnels, wrong positioning of point switches, SPADs, train collisions, and degradation of signalling system due to failures.


As the developer of ITE products, and also one of the major suppliers of signalling systems in China, Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd.(TCT) plans to combine the ITE with technologies of the full automatic driverless operation (FAO) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication based train control (VBTC) and apply it into its next-generation train control system.

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