Chairman Gao Chunhai invited to attend Boao Forum for Asia annual conference 2019
Release date: Source: Release date: March 27, 2019 Source: TCT

Boao Forum for Asia annual conference 2019 with “Shared forum, concerted action, common development” as the theme was held in Boao, Hainan from March 26 to 29. As an enterprise representative in rail transit, TCT Chairman Gao Chunhai was invited to attend the forum and address the opening ceremony.

In the forum, Chairman Gao Chunhai carried out communication and discussion on the following theme “Data: Huge resource to be developed”, “The Belt and Road: Build roads for globalization”, “New resilience” of manufacturing industry and “5G: The achiever of IOT”, offered advice and suggestions and sought common development.

This annual conference carried out five formal activities such as open world economy, multilateralism, regional cooperation and global governance, innovation-driven, high-quality development and hotspot and forward position. More than 2,000 elite representatives of political, business and academic circles from more than 60 countries and regions attended the conference and provide “Boao proposals” or “Boao wisdom” for the common development of Asia and even the world.

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