First engineering application of Perception products: TCT helps Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Line come into full operation

With a total length of 16 km and 16 stations, the Tsuen Wan Line is an important traffic artery in Hong Kong. The operation of the TIDS project of Tsuen Wan Line marks a major breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of rail transit, and has played a good demonstration effect for the promotion and application of perception technology in the field of rail transit.

The new generation of TIDS system uses LiDAR and image multi-sensor fusion, combined with background AI algorithm, to improve the reliability of trains in manual mode. During the performance observation period of more than 3 months, the TIDS project of Tsuen Wan Line analyzed 13,000 hours of data (equivalent to 420,000 km of operating distance), and the TIDS system achieved lower false positive rate and false negative rate indicators. In addition, the Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Line TIDS project also achieved a number of breakthroughs in the field of rail transit:

· Apply the active obstacle detection technology based on radar fusion

· Defined functions and indicators of active obstacle detection products

· Obstacle detection scheme based on vehicle-road-cloud collaboration


Technology plays an important role in the operation of MTR. The Tsuen Wan Line TIDS project is a model of the successful combination of MTR's operation experience and TCT's innovation capability, which has an important demonstration significance for the use of new technology to improve operation safety.The future cooperation between MTR and TCT will continue to focus on operation, create solutions suitable for actual business scenarios, and continuously improve the level of operation service.

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