Gao Chunhai, Chairman of Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd.: Innovation is manageable
Release date: Source: Securities Daily

"Innovation is manageable." On September 27, Securities Daily Alliance of Science & Innovation Leaders Shanghai Stock Exchange held the "2021 Science & Innovation Leaders Summit" in China Securities Museum on the former site of Pujiang Hotel where the Shanghai Stock Exchange is founded. At the summit, Gao Chunhai, Chairman of Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. ("TCT" for short) released a speech themed "Model and Practice of Enterprise Innovation Chain".


"Innovation is systematized." In his view, many people think that some developed countries have technological advantages, but in fact, there are traces for their innovative ideas. Gao Chunhai said the key to innovation is to establish a mechanism for its sustainable development.


Taking TCT as an example, Gao Chunhai pointed out, TCT has formed a complete set of "government-industry-university-research-application" life-cycle collaborative innovation model guided by user demand and the innovation path of "applying available technologies, developing technologies of the next generation, and researching on the new generation technologies", so as to realize iteration and innovation of technology, and gradually lead the development trend of advanced rail transit signal technologies in the world.


It is reported that in recent years, Gao Chunhai has widely participated in industry discussions, and exchanged and studied with well-known enterprises in the world. "Now I have learned a trick, called researching on cutting-edge technology, developing the next generation technology, and applying available technology." This means that these companies have always had a complete system of three generations of technology on their hands, Gao explained. Considering the profitability, the "researching on cutting-edge technology" means to research projects that are not profitable in a short term but can influence the future technological development of the enterprise or even the industry; "developing the next generation technology" means to develop projects that will mature and make a profit in a short term; and "applying available technology" means to improve projects that have been applied with a stable profit.


When talking about "researching on cutting-edge technology", Gao Chunhai revealed that TCT will cooperate with many universities and institutions to carry out basic theoretical research. He did a math, if enterprises carry out technology research and development themselves, it would need to invest a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources, however, if these resources are used to support the scientific research and innovation teams, more talents will be attracted to research, and the research fields will be more diverse, this will help to break through research difficulties from different entry points. For TCT, in the process of cooperative R&D, it can not only go deep into the basic theoretical research to seize the opportunity of future technological change, but also take the lead in close cooperation with industry innovation teams to promote the industrial transformation of innovation achievements, thus forming a joint force for development.


Focusing on "developing the next generation technology", TCT conducts in-depth communication with users in the early stage of development to understand their actual demands, so as to carry out demand-oriented technology development. To this end, TCT also changes its mode of technology development to collaborative innovation. Gao Chunhai said that TCT enables users to actively participate in technological innovation rather than passively accept the technology provided. Users and TCT can give full play to their respective advantages in the process of jointly researching the actual scenario requirements and tackling key research and development issues, thus achieving the common growth.


In terms of the "applying available technology", on the basis of ensuring product safety and reliability through life-cycle risk management and control mechanism, TCT pays more attention to improving user experience and reducing operating costs by enhancing travel efficiency. In Gao Chunhai's opinion, only by realizing the virtuous cycle of "researching on cutting-edge technology, developing the next generation technology, and applying available technology" can enterprises have long-term competitive advantages and vigorous vitality.


According to Gao Chunhai, in order to achieve sustainable innovation and development, it is necessary for enterprises to establish their own values and sense of mission. He confesses that he experienced a period of anxiety shortly after TCT became one of the first companies to list on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market). With the expansion of enterprise scale, technological innovation enterprises are faced with the dual problems of how to maintain the sustainability of technological innovation and how to manage the increasingly large team.


"The bigger you get, the closer you get to the ceiling." Gao Chunhai said that it is easy to become anxious in this process, but if an enterprise can clearly define its vision and goals, as well as its values and mission, it will be able to withstand various influences and temptations and move forward steadily towards its future development goals.


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