TCT: the operation revenue achieved 41.24% up year-on-year to reach RMB 1.044 billion in the first half of 2021.
Release date: Source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network

According to China Securities Network (Reported by Wang Luo), TCT registered an operation revenue of RMB 1.044 billion, up 41.24% year-on-year; net profits of RMB 0.106 billion, 21.71% growth as compared with the previous year; earnings per share of RMB 0.66 in the first half of 2021 as disclosed in the semi-annual report of TCT (688015) at evening of August 18。

The semi-annual report shows, the company intensified investments in R%D, strengthened the construction of R%D team, optimized the R&D quality management system, and offered more funds support for R&D, which have brought in significant improvement in ability to carry out research & innovations and transform the achievements. Within the reporting period, the total investment in R&D by TCT amounts to RMB 96.3957 million, with 83.98% increase year-on-year. TCT acquired 39 new patents, including 31 inventions (with 4 foreign authorized), and 5 utility models. It also obtained 13 copyrights of computer software. In April, “I-CBTC key technologies and complete equipment for network operations and the demonstration applications” project won the “Special Prize of Urban Rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award” issued by China Association of Metros. "Research and Application on Rail Transit Cloud Platform Innovation" won the First Prize of Urban Rail Transit Science and Technology Progress Award" by China Association of Metros. TCT has participated in both the projects above.

In the first half of 2021, while further upgrading I-CBTC and FAO technologies, TCT continues to invest in the development and engineering of next-generation train operation control systems. It has made breakthroughs in core technologies like vehicle-communication-based train control system (VBTC), automatic virtual coupling operation system (AVCOS), and intelligent train eagle eye system (ITE), intelligent dispatching system, and track star chain; strengthened investment in moving block train control system for heavy-haul railway and the municipal railways; developed integrated comprehensive "Tianshu" platform for urban rail smart applications.

According to the semi-annual report, as the world’s first heavy-haul train operation control system applied to engineering, it is expected to increase the annual transportation volume by 40 million tons, and reduce 20% comprehensive line O&M cost after completion of Shuozhou-Huanghua heavy-haul railway line renovation. The locomotive operation rate is envisioned to increase by 10%, and the accident rate due to driver's fault will be reduced by 51%. Tianshu platform is a comprehensive platform that integrates "Cloud", "Data" and "Intelligence", presenting an open ecological foundation for urban rail smart applications. "Cloud" platform offers a flexible modular base for smart urban rail upper-layer applications. "Data" platform delivers complete data solutions "Extract-Transform-Modeling-Application-Open Capability" to the application system. “Intelligence" platform relies on deep learning technology to form an algorithm store of the urban rail industry through containerization-based algorithm, thereby empowering various applications. In April 2021, the Hohhot urban rail cloud project that applies Tianshu platform cloud integration technology won the First Award of Scientific and Technological Progress issued by China Association of Metros. The innovation research results on urban rail cloud have seen its application in Shenzhen metro fully automatic operation engineering test center.

As introduced by TCT, the intelligent train eagle eye system (ITE) integrates the machine vision, edge computing technology, multi-sensor fusion intelligent perception technologies, etc. It enables autonomous status perception capability for train operation safety. In June 2021, ITE obtained the authorization letter for system phase evaluation of European safety standard EN50129 and the highest SIL4 functional safety certification of the European safety standard EN50128. It marks the implementation of rail transit autonomous perception technology, delivering significant meaning for improving operational safety. Autonomous perception technology serves as the core to truly realize autonomous and safe operation of trains. It provides highly reliable solutions for restoration and operation of unmanned, VBTC failure and degradation in FAO mode.

Currently, market revenues have been gradually gained from the innovative technologies such as ITE, Tianshu, and heavy-haul moving block train operation control systems, which are ready to make profits for the company. The positive cycle of applying available technologies, developing the next-generation and researching a new-generation is fully implemented, inputting outpouring power to the technological innovations in urban rail transit.

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