Tianshu System
Tianshu System

Product Introduction

“Tianshu” system is built into an intelligent urban rail integrated platform which integrates train integrated platform, line CPHM platform and center integrated dispatching management platform through a cloud platform, IOT, big data, machine learning, AI and blockchain, summarizes and processes professional data uniformly, breaks. However, the isolated relationship between line and system, connects the information isolated islands effectively, realizes information sharing and unified equipment monitoring through the integrated intelligent platform and provides better service experience for operators and passengers.


Standardize data interface and break up professional barriers

Due to diversified data interfaces and standard data access protocol, data can be summarized into “Tianshu” by professional equipment in different ways, thereby solving the problems such as insufficient hardware interfaces and hard interface negotiation and breaking through industry barriers.

Provide data middle ground and enhance application efficiency

“Tianshu” system stores the collected equipment data in a distributed database and provides standard data access interface and common algorithm interface to meet different data application demands, increase algorithms for edge equipment, effectively coordinate multi-professional data linkage, and enhance the application functions.

Ensure driving safety through real-time equipment monitoring

Owing to the IOT protocol, “Tianshu” system can realize online and real-time monitoring of equipment and send failure information to the operation and 

maintenance personnel to find and treat faults timely and ensure driving safety.

Ensure data security through multiple encryptions

“Tianshu” system is the core of the whole service system, and ensuring service and data security is one of the core functions. The internal trusted computing safety software can prohibit the non-whitelist process, monitor the abnormities of monitoring and stop illegal operation timely. Data between equipment and between local and cloud are transmitted through encryption protocol rather than plaintext so that the data protocol cannot be cracked. Besides, the system can also identify and filter the bad contents in video and text information actively to effectively avoid illegal information spreading.

The intelligent train service system in “Tianshu” structure realizes integrated delivery of perception, storage and application and can effectively shorten the online deployment period of product. Meanwhile, the system has rich calculation resources, good compatibility and expandability, which is convenient for expanding function logics of software and hardware and increasing new demands in future. Due to the adoption of distributed service application structure, the system can expand capacity horizontally with the increase of access points to meet the ever-increasing data processing and calculation demands. The remote equipment monitoring function ensures the system reliability and reduces labor intensity of operation and maintenance personnel and truly realizes the objective of “increasing equipment without increasing manpower”.


The employer and industry experts highly recognized the successful application of Tianshu platform to Hohhot urban rain cloud project. Cloudification, Datamation and intelligence of information system basic platform will be an important development direction of urban rail in next phase.