Virtual coupling train set

Virtual coupling train set

The Virtual coupling train set has completed demonstration acceptance in Beijing Line 11.

Virtual coupling train set is a train that does not rely on mechanical connection devices, but through information interaction and automatic control technology based on wireless communication, multiple trains (including two trains) are connected and run in one body, and undertake the same conveying task.


Methods such as relative speed, brake tracking model and running track prediction are adopted to implement cooperative control among virtual marshalling train units, which can realize cooperative safe running of trains in starting, cruising, precise stopping, dynamic marshalling/unmarshalling and other scenarios.
1. Relative speed and brake tracking model
Any train takes the train in front as the tracking object, obtains the real-time state of the train in front through vehicle-vehicle communication, and calculates the safety protection speed of the two cars without displacement coincidence, so that it can match its deceleration speed according to the braking rate of the following car.
2. Predictive based collaborative control
Based on the train kinematics model, the predictive control is carried out to achieve speed convergence, maintain stable interval, and synchronize start and stop.

Case | Beijing Metro Line 11

Grades of Automation: GOA 4

Construction Duration: 1 year 10months

AcceptanceOctober 2023

Beijing Metro Line 11 has a length of 4.2 km with 4 stations. The full FAO line will be operational by the end of December 2021. In 2021, the virtual marshalling technology began to carry out demonstration application in the western section of Beijing Metro Line 11, and the virtual marshalling demonstration application project acceptance was completed in October 23.