21 FAO/I-FAO Lines in Total, 20 I-FAO Lines

Product Introduction

On the basis of interoperable CBTC, by adding special functions, hardware, and interfaces required for fully automatic operation systems, modifying electronic maps and some existing interface specifications, the interoperability of fully automatic operation systems is achieved.


With train command as the core, the signalling system is deeply integrated with the vehicle system, communication system, PSD system, ISCS system, PIS system, etc., to achieve multi-professional automatic linkage and improve the overall automation level of the rail transit operation system. On the basis of the existing equipment, the protection function of passengers and operators is strengthened by increasing the redundancy configuration of equipment, and the linkage function of various systems in emergency situations is strengthened to improve the safety and reliability of the system in an all-round way. Strengthen the central control function, realize the full automatic train operation monitoring, system equipment monitoring and maintenance and passenger-oriented remote service. Through the cross-line and common line interconnection operation of trains, resource sharing and line operation capacity are improved, and the cost of rail transit construction and operation and maintenance is minimized.

Case | Daxing Airport Line

Grades of Automation: GOA 4

Construction Duration: 2 year 1 months

OperationSeptember 2019

Partner: CRCC(Vehicle Supplier ),HollySys(ISCS Supplier),Beijing SubwayOperation)

The Beijing Daxing International Airport Express is the first railway line to implement the IFAO (Interoperable Fully Automatic Operation) system. With a total length of 41 kilometers, it comprises three stations and operates a mix of 4-car and 8-car train formations.