CBTC For Heavy Haul Railway
1 Line under Construction

Product Introduction

TCT focuses on studying and developing the key technology and equipment of moving block of heavy haul railway, and aims to provide a new-generation operation control system solution of heavy haul train. Greatly improve the automation level of heavy haul railway and transportation efficiency, guarantee the system safety and reduce the construction, operation and maintenance cost.


1. Onboard system speed-measuring and positioning guarantee system integrating with satellite navigation technology

2. Train integrity check based on dual-mode fusion algorithm of wind pressure and satellite

3. High-capacity two-way redundancy LTE vehicle-ground safety communication

4. Safety brake model calculated based on multiple safety factors such as long heavy downgrade

5. Automatic over-phase split

6. Auxiliary driving function

7. Improve the train operation safety and efficiency under the high-density tracking intervals of moving block



Shuozhou-Huanghua Railway