Beijing Metro Yanfang Line

On December 30, 2017, the national demonstration project of full-automatic operation system-Yanfang Line was put into operation.    

Since the operation in December 2017, Yanfang Line has performed better in safe operation, driving efficiency, energy saving, consumption reduction and service quality than the non-FAO lines, effectively met the operation demands and improved the riding experience of passengers.    

FAO was designed based on the principle of fault-safety treatment at the very beginning. TCT carries out preliminary hazard analysis on the hazard extent and probability of scenarios solves the safety problems of FAO through safety design of different failure scenarios and realizes perfect safety protection.    

Yanfang Line has realized the comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of FAO in actual operation. The linkage automation of systems reduces the number of operators as well as the error risk of personnel due to long-time work.    

Trains are subjected to dozens of tests before departure and cannot be put into operation as long as one failure in test, which ensures the normal state of systems. In order to detect the obstacles and derailment, detection equipment is installed on the car body and along the line during train operation, which further ensures the driving safety.    

Besides, FAO of Yanfang Line also has the rain and snow mode for ground operation to guarantee driving efficiency and safety in all weather conditions.    

In the end of 2019, Yanfang Line was upgraded to GoA4, which means that the train can operate safely without the need for a driver in the cab,    

awake automatically from dormant mode, leave depot automatically after self-inspection, operate in the main line according to the time table, realize inter-station driving, accurate stop, automatic door opening/closing, departure, as well as the automatic maintenance such as return, washing and dormant.    

In September 2019, the interconnected FAO developed by TCT independently was applied to Beijing Daxing International Airport Express, and the operating speed of the train reached 160km/h.    

2 So far, TCT’s FAO has won the bids of Beijing Subway Line 17 and 19, Wuhan Metro Line 5, Nanning Metro Line 5, Jinan Metro Line R2 and Shenzhen Metro Line 14.