Beijing Daxing International Airport Express

Beijing Daxing International Airport Express was put into operation formally on September 26, 2019. The general urban rail transit line has a speed of 80km/h.Compare with it the design speed of Daxing Airport Express reaches 160km/h.    

Beijing Daxing International Airport Express, also called the second airport line of Beijing. It started from Caoqiao Station in the north, passing by Daxing Xincheng Station and ended in Daxing Airport Station in the south, The total length is 41km and the whole journey is expected to be 19minutes. The line is equipped with the full-automatic operation system (FAO, or “driverless operation”) independently developed by Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TCT).    

Under the support of NDRC, FAO and “Fuxing” bullet train has become the highlight of China's major equipment as well as a new competitive advantage and strengthening new momentum to drive development. in China. (Three-Year (2018-2020) Action Plan for Enhancing Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry of NDRC) The core of full-automatic operation system (FAO) is the signal system which is an independent intellectual property of TCT and was applied to Beijing Subway Yanfang Line in 2017.    

The system applied to Beijing Daxing International Airport Express is the upgrading version “interconnected full-automatic operation system”, the operating speed of vehicle is up to 160km/h.Compared with the traditional subway,the speed has doubled. Beijing Daxing International    

Airport Express is constructed basing on the standard of interconnected full-automatic operation system, so that two different signal systems can operate on the same line, which is favorable for sharing resources, relieving the transfer pressure and improving the carrying capacity and operation service level.    

Besides, Beijing Daxing International Airport Express belongs to municipal administrative railway in the metro commuting mode, which initiates the adoption of FAO system at high speed and realizes fully integration of metro and municipal administrative railway. Compared with the traditional idea and mode that can only realize high-speed operatin on the railway, Beijing Daxing International Airport Express completely breaks through the bottleneck of technology,    

and the operating speed is up to 160km/h. Furthermore, the line operates in the commuting mode so as to save a lot of time for passengers, provide great convenience and truly realize regional commuting. The operation of Beijing Daxing International Airport Express lays a solid foundation for the integration of four networks such as municipal area, metro, high-speed rail and inter-city railway in the future, as well as promotes the regional economic development greatly.    

In order to realize comprehensive train monitoring and provide high-quality passenger service, Beijing Daxing International Airport Express not only improves the linkage treatment level emergency situations such as long interval based on Yanfang Line, but also increases the Train Intelligent Detection System (TIDS) and enhances the quick    

recovery capacity of system in failure scenario, so as to fully monitor the rail transit signals, power supply, electromechanical system, vehicles, platform door and passenger service and realize quick system linkage and emergency treatment in abnormal cases. In addition, the integrated linkage of major systems is strengthened, which improves the automation level further.