Beijing Metro Line 17

The CBTC-based fully automatic operation system is adopted for the signaling system of the Project. In addition to the unmanned train driving, the system also has a comprehensive multi-disciplinary linkage scenario, such as automatic train wake-up/sleep, automatic stop and operation on platform, automatic departure on platform, passenger unloading on platform, automatic turnaround, automatic return to depot and other normal operations, as well as fully automatic operation functions such as vehicle fire, platform fire and obstacle derailment. Compared to international standards, this project primarily focuses on further enhancing the system's capabilities in areas such as system/device fault management (e.g., remote restricted operation mode) and emergency handling on the track (e.g., section evacuation), and it achieves a high level of automation (GOA4). At the same time, this project establishes unified system specifications and standards for an Interoperable Fully Automatic Operation system. It enables interoperability of trains from different manufacturers across different lines, providing the foundation for networked operations, achieving the goal of shared line resources, reducing project construction costs, and enhancing operational flexibility.